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Украина г. Николаев, Никольская, 53
(066) 517-34-12
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About Us

Flower boutique ‘Lilia’s Flowers’ is founded by Lilia Tezikova - a licentiate of International Florist Certificate. In her flower shop she gathered a team of talented and experienced professionals: Svetlana Gnatyuk and Elena Voroshilina.

Коллектив Николаевского салона 'Цветы от Лилии'

Together we are fully ready to amaze our men and women with new ideas and new ways of looking.

The main conception of our flower shop is application of fresh and original trends of floristic world in daily life of our citizens.

Lilia, the main director of boutique, regularly attends different courses, seminars and trainings. Here are some of her certificates:

Owing to this the range of services includes making phytopictures. Because now it is not only trendy and fancy to hang a ‘flower carpet’ on the wall, but also ecologic. Phytopictures on the walls of offices and living quarters gain more and more popularity with every day.

Our boutique is located on 53 Nikolskaya Street in the center of the city. It always provides a great choice of fresh and beautiful flowers. In constantly renewed collection of bouquets you will always find ones for congratulating on a Birthday, anniversary, jubilee or for ‘complementing’ your loved ones. 

Салон 'Цветы от Лилии' в центре Николаева на Никольской, 53

Every bouquet of ours is made with love and intended to be right for the concrete aim and fit the person.

That is because you don’t want your bouquet to be simply ‘shoved’ in a vase and put on a window-sill and then in a few days thrown away because it withered too fast? But instead you want the person to adore your gift for a long time and gladly remember the one who presented it. That is why flowers must be rightly selected due to the colour and originally composed in a full bouquet. And not to forget a small card with sensual words or a gift (souvenir) that would emphasize your fond attitude to recipient.

We don’t aspire to offer our clients artless bouquets of 3 simple roses, though if such bouquet is needed, we will readily make it. But even this one we will try to do as much interesting and original as possible.

When you order flowers directly from us and not from intermediaries that sell bouquets throughout Ukraine and whole world, you get such benefits:

  • the best bouquet for less money – because you don’t need to pay intermediaries;
  • the bouquet you get is not a standard one presented on the intermediary’s site, but a unique one from us;
  • if you find it difficult to make a chose in our catalogue, you can always call our manager and tell about your favours, whom and when you plan to present flowers. We will suggest an optimum alternative that will be right for you by size, cost and flowers composition.
  • our image in Mykolaiv is a guarantee of our bouquets’ quality. As we value our reputation a lot, we don’t want to let our clients down. That is why when ordering our flowers you can be sure everything will be done even better than you wish;
  • Our aim is to make every new client our patron. All our patrons have a discount. We remember tastes and preferences of every of them and strive to wonder them with new fresh ideas and discoveries all the time.

Ukrainian girls and women were always distinguished as beautiful and kind ones. If you when presenting flowers to your beloved don’t want to become just ‘one of her ex’ but wish to stay her ‘one and only’, then don’t trust intermediaries in this matter. They don’t know the preferences of Ukrainian women and traditions of presenting bouquets. The only importance for intermediary is selling.

But we are natives instead and know all these things perfectly.

Trust us, we will always make a bouquet better and present it more skillfully.

And here you need to decide what is better – to save few dollars or to gain the love of a Ukrainian beauty.

Google translatorIf it is hard for you to read articles and texts on our site in Russian, you can always translate the web-page with Google translator. All the pages on our site have an integrated translator in the top right-hand corner.

To contact us you can use Telegram, WhatsApp and Viber. 

For the payment on our site are installed Protected International money transfers Liqpay and WayForPay.  

In the boutique "Lilia’s Flowers" you can also order:

  • making and delivering bouquets throughout the city. We take orders from every country in the world;
  • interior decoration of quarters, houses, offices etc. for holidays, jubilees and just for your happiness and when you have mood to decorate your house;
  • new floristics trend – vertical planting;
  • different house plants. In order to that you will get free consultation and important advices about growing them if needed;
  • original holiday gifts;
  • decorating celebrations, including weddings, jubilees, banquets, Birthdays etc.;
  • wedding bouquet;
  • decoration of wedding limousine;
  • ornamentation of restaurants;
  • rent of festive arches and flower adornment.


Аренда праздничных арок и декоративных украшений

We invite you to the world of new fantastic verges of flower beauty where you will understand that flowers, just like people, can play different roles and be characters in compositions of any format.